• WK1 Short-Term Outdoor Kit

Please note: The WK1 short term outdoor kit is only intended for measurements that are for relatively short periods i.e. up to a day or overnight. If you require a system for longer measurements you should choose our WK2 long term outdoor kit.

To reduce cost, the pre-amplifier and microphone from the sound level meter itself are fitted within the ‘waterproof’ mounting system complete with windshield and bird-spikes.

The windshield system provides protection from the elements whilst the bird-spikes are needed to avoid birds perching on the windshield and affecting your noise measurements. This unit can then be mounted on a standard camera tripod.

The 10 metre cable coming from the microphone assembly is connected to the extremely robust weatherproof carry case which protects the instrument, power supply and accessories.

The following sound level meters from the Pulsar range are available to purchase with an optional WK1 lightweight outdoor monitoring kit:

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WK1 Short-Term Outdoor Kit

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